2018 Competition Details

Each team of 3-5 members will pitch an equity position, long or short. Pitches are evaluated based on the quality of idea, analysis, and presentation. Pitches are to be limited to 10 minutes or less.

FIRST ROUND: In the first round, teams will present in front of a panel of investors, who will evaluate each pitch on its idea, analysis, and presentation. The top teams from the first round will advance to the final round for a chance to present in front of the entire conference.

FINAL ROUND: Teams who are selected to advance to the final round will pitch their ideas in front of a panel of investment professionals and the entire conference audience.

RULES: Stocks are to come from the universe of companies with a market capitalization above $500 million and share prices above $2 as of the close of regular trading on October 25, 2018. Selections must be a stock (common or preferred), including ADRs and GDRs. ETFs, ETNs, Closed-End Funds, and other exchange-traded securities, including derivatives (options/futures) and currencies, will not be eligible for the competition. We are interested in participants' abilities to select and evaluate companies, not their ability to evaluate sectors, trends, or managers. Additionally, equities must have a three month average daily volume of at least 100,000 shares (as of the close on October 25, 2018) and must trade on a major exchange (NASDAQ, NYSE, or NYSE AMEX. No OTCBB or PinkSheets). The opportunity will be evaluated as a long or short position with a three to twelve month investment horizon.

ATTIRE: Business Professional

Financial Analysis: 25%
Valuation: 25%
Presentation: 20%
Question and Answer: 15%
Originality of Idea: 5%
Team Involvement: 5%
Materials: 5%

1ST place will be awarded $1000
2nd place will be award $750
3rd place will be awarded $250

Henry W. Bloch School of Management
5110 Cherry Street
Kansas City, MO 64110

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