Ending Youth Homelessness in the Heartland

2017 Conference

Kansas City, Missouri

Thank you for attending—and playing an important part in—the Ending Youth Homelessness in the Heartland Conference. It was great to have so many dedicated, engaged individuals come together to share strategies and drive change!

As USICH Deputy Director Jasmine Hayes pointed out in her keynote address, “This path that we’re on—ending homelessness for all populations, including for young people—is challenging. It gets really messy, and it’s really complicated. And all of that is okay, because we have a direction that we’re headed in, and we know where it is that we are trying to go.

“And when we get there, we will have created a coordinated response to homelessness that assures all young people, regardless of their background, circumstance, have the opportunity to thrive in safe and stable housing, with positive outcomes in the areas of education, employment, permanent connections, and overall well-being.”

We trust that the path that brought you to the conference in Kansas City—be it professional, personal, or both—has guided you back to your respective communities with clearer vision and perspective. Going forward, we hope that you will continue to work alongside other caring and conscientious stakeholders throughout the region so that we can collectively bring about a swift and successful end to youth homelessness.

To see highlights of the conference, check out the multimedia links below . . .

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Conference Booklet

Conference Booklet


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This conference was made possible thanks to generous contributions from the following partners:

Henry W. Bloch School of Management
5110 Cherry Street
Kansas City, MO 64110

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